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Beautycounter – Dew Skin vs. Tint Skin

These two products are in my top product list. The tint skin hydrating foundation is amazing! This was the first product I tried from beautycounter. I loved it so much I made the small sample container last me until my order arrived 4 days later. Erica, I don’t think I ever told you that. 😁I don’t have to use much to cover my face and has a light feeling so my skin does not feel dry or that it has anything on it.

The other product is the dew skin tinted moisturizer which has SPF 30. I live in phoenix SPF is a good thing. ☀️🌵 The dew skin I can wear on its own or under the hydrating foundation. I am so thankful for finding beautycounter. My skin has never felt so nice. I have foundation color samples ready to send out. Who wants one?

For more more of a comparison, check out this video.

These great products can be found here:

Tint Skin Foundation                 



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