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Where did The Limited go?

So here I am, four and half months postpartum and starting to look at trying to wear my pre pregnancy clothes. Let me first say that I don’t fit in to them and I cant continue to wear yoga pants everyday. I am sure I am a sight to remember… makeup (beautycounter 5 minute face) PJ shirt and yoga pants. Me not fitting in to my pre pregnancy clothes is sad for me, since I really liked my outfits before I got pregnant. Something about these hips just don’t want to fit in to those number 2 and number 4 pants any more. Of course I am not doing my self any favors trying to squeeze in to them when I still need to loose at least another 10-15 lbs. I know it took 9 months to put on the weight and expect at least that same amount of time for it all to come off. 

I am defiantly not one of those lucky ladies who had the weight just fall right off as soon as the sweet baby was born.

Since I have not yet lost all the weight and yet still want to begin to feel like a normal girl again, I thought about going to my favorite store in the mall last weekend and get a few pairs of pants but a size or two larger. After searching the mall, the store was no where to be found. Later this week, I went on line to search for a store near me, thinking that maybe the store just moved. Low and behold the store didn’t move it closed down. WHAT!!!

I go off and have a baby and less then a year later the store is closed. Yes I am talking about the store “The Limited“. Have you heard of it? Now when you go to there link you see a nice sign about coming soon. I have to say it would be great if they came back.

After further research it turns out The Limited shut down there stores immediate after Christmas in 2016. According to The Washington Post, The Limited has posted a message on its website saying it is closing all of its 250 stores nationwide, a move that would make the women’s apparel chain the latest big-name retailer to be wounded by shoppers’ growing preference for online shopping and “fast fashion.” It also said that the chain’s website would continue to be open for business. Well obviously that is not true given the website is down.

During the holiday rush I was certainly not looking for size 4 clothing since I was starting my third trimester, which is probably why I didn’t notice There had been a steady drumbeat of evidence the store’s 80 percent off deals and its sudden decision to disallow returns seemed more characteristic of a fire sale than a holiday bonanza. The Limited was once a cornerstone of one of retailing’s most formidable empires. 

Founded in 1963 by Leslie H. “Les” Wexner, the store was a 2,000-square-foot box named for its limited assortment of women’s apparel.

I found The Limited store I think during one of my visits to the Mall of America. It quickly became my go to spot during each of my business trips. Come to find out the store at the Mall of America carried items that was not always going to be offered at other store. I found that most the stores in the Mall of America use the store as a test store. Meaning if they want to see how a specific item is going to sell, they first will see how it sell at the Mall of America. Lesson learned very quickly, if I liked something at the Mall of America, I did not wait to go home to get it.

So this brings me to my new dellima. The Limited where I had hoped to have purchased a few nice pants for work is closed and I need to find another place. Did I tell you? Before I found The Limited, I was a New York & Company shopper.

I have already checked and they are still in business. Wahoo! Time to go looking for some new outfits.

Its obvious that the Mall and Retail stores is something that will soon be in the past. The Limited is just one of many retail store that struggled to stay open and in the end lost. When I go to the mall these days its disappointing to see how few people are there. During my day, the mall was the place you met up with your friends. In the mean time I am going to continue to enjoy the mall, specially since it is in the middle of the summer in Phoenix and outdoors is not recommended due to the 110+ degrees.

Where else should I go? Where would you recommend?

There will come a day that I hope to be able to say …

until then, I am off to the mall.

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