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What is the meaning behind the name?

What is the meaning behind the name? That is a great question. When my husband and I started talking about me starting a blog, we came up with some interesting names. Every name we came up with, I would research the meaning behind the words and would also ask others what the first thing that came to mind when they heard the words.

names such as, natures beauty, light of nature, drop of nature, acres of nature and so many more

After many months of discussion and research, we finally landed on Hope Artistry. I think the first thing that comes to mind is makeup, specially because of the word artistry. I also find it ironic that I am using the word artistry for part of my beautycounter business when I actually grew up using Amway Artistry as my skin care. I’ll save that story for another day. Let me go in to more detail as to how I came up with Hope Artistry and the research. I wont bore you, I am a word person, so ill keep the word research brief.


I started with understanding the definition of each of these words.



  • to cherish a desire with anticipation
  • to want something to happen or be true


  • quality of effect or workmanship
  • artistic ability

I then moved on to how each of these words are used in a sentence.

  • Are you hoping for the best?
  • He hopes for a promotion.
  • I hope she remembers.

  • The evidence is the artistry of his novel.
  • There is true artistry in the violinist.
  • Lawyer’s have an artistry in persuading juries.

I know these are two unique words that have been put together. I suppose based on the meaning I could have used an abundance of other words. Let me see what the thesaurus recommends.


  • Achievement
  • Desire
  • Optimism
  • Fortune
  • dependance

  • Ability
  • Brilliance
  • Mastery
  • Virtuosity
  • Creativity

Wow, there are actually a good selection of other words I could have used.

I suppose I could have used optimism art, faith genius, belief talent, concern brilliance or even fancy flair.

What was I thinking, why did I not go with fancy flair. Silly me! By the way if you google “fancy flair” and select images, you’ll see several, okay a lot of pictures of carpet. I didn’t know there is a type of carpet by the name of “fancy flair”. I learn something new every day.

So why did I pick hope artistry. I chose it because I wanted to share my desires (hope) and creativity (artistry). My website is more then just one niche. I wanted to have the flexibility to include many aspects, which is why those first several names about nature did not pan out.They were specific and didn’t provide the diversity that I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong, I love nature, hiking, the great outdoors which you’ll find out later in other posts, but I also love food, baking, cooking, and living a healthy life.

If I had to categorize my website, I would say there are four categories, fashion, food, health and beauty and life.

The fashion category is self explanatory. My most recent post about fashion was about how one of my favorite stores The Limited is closed and the struggle I am having at finding a store to find clothes to wear 5 months postpartum.  The food category will include recipes that I have created and or followed. Some of the recipes will be gluten free and some will not. I have been gluten free for over eight years and have learned how to adjust most recipes to be gluten free. We also purchase grass fed beef each year, so our meat is what I call “fresh”. Our cow comes from a ranch in Colorado and I would say is some of the best steak/meat you have ever had. The food category will also include nutrition. I am an avid tea drinker, check out the benefits of tea.

I know there is a saying out there “we are what we eat”.

 Well at least thats what my mom always told me. She also told me if I ate a watermelon seed that I would grow watermelons out of my ears.

The beauty category includes health and beauty. Its better beauty products that I have found to be healthier for me and my family. Some of these products come from my own beautycounter business. Lastly, there is the life category. There is a lot that might be included in life. One of the latest posts talked about the generations, specifically the Millennials. Ill also include our adventures hiking, camping, birding and traveling and of course the simple things of life.

Hope Artistry is more to me then just two words put together, its the anticipation of style, brilliance, and a lot of fun.

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