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Who is ready for the holidays?

I don’t know about you but I am starting to prepare for the holidays.


What are we going to be for Halloween? What pumpkin patch should we go to? Where should we go trick or treating? Originally we were going to do a charlie brown pumpkin patch trunk or treat. My 5 1/2 month old would be charlie brown, our dog “charlie brown” was going to be snoopy. Although I thought it would be cute for the dog was charlie brown and our son to be snoopy, although I was out voted. My husband would be linus and I Lucy. Only because I have darker hair. Unfortunately our trunk or treat was canceled due to college events going on in the same area. So we will be heading to a pumpkin patch, hoping to find a big enough pumpkin to fit our son in for those cute Halloween photos. We will then head to the church for the Fall Festival. Lastly, what are we going to be for Halloween, that is a good question and right now I have no idea but I have a lot of ideas. Stay tuned on what we decide. What are you going to be for Halloween?


Then there is the thinking of Thanksgiving. Who will host thanksgiving? I am of course since I LOVE thanksgiving. What will the Thanksgiving menu be? Who will bring what? Every year I think everyone asks what can they bring. If there is not a menu then there is the chance there will be to much of something. Who are we kidding, its Thanksgiving there is always left overs. That’s the best part. Did the invites get out to everyone for Thanksgiving? The more the merrier in my opinion. I can not wait to put out my Thanksgiving salt and pepper shakers. I have a few cute ones, that I look forward to having out all year.  Did I mention I LOVE thanksgiving? What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?


Then there is Christmas. Who is hosting Christmas Eve? Which Christmas Eve service should we go to? Where is Christmas morning goin to be? Do we have a list from everyone on what they need? Who are we shopping for? What is the budget? I think for Christmas the list goes on and on. The only thing I have started for Christmas, is last year I decided to pay closer attention through out the year and keep a draft list of what people mentioned they needed, etc. This will be our sons first Christmas and I bounding out of my chairs in excitment. He may only be about 9 months during Christmas, but I am overjoyed to get him a red wagon. A wagon he can ride in when we walk to the park down he street. What is a Christmas tradition for your family?

New Year

Then there is New Years. What the year is already over. Wow time flew by. Where did this year go?  I cant believe we are already back in January. Then I think, it sure is going to feel like a long time to get to the holiday season again. I am a tad delighted that our son wont be asking to stay up until midnight this year. We are those folks who usually celebrate with New York, giving us a few more hours of sleep. I also usually am up early on Jan 1st for the annual Rose Parade. Who is ready for the new year?

Before we know it, the holiday season will be here again

Although there are so many exciting things to be preparing for, I am also thrilled to be preparing for so many awesome Beautycounter holiday specials. There are so many beautiful gift sets coming out this year and wait for it…there might even be something for the men.  Stay tuned!

Which is your favorite holiday and why?

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