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Baby Furniture Like New

It is Monday morning which means you need to wake up, make breakfast for the kids, get ready and clean up the house from the night prior before getting the kids to school by the 8am bell, all with only three hours of sleep your infant (thankfully) allowed you to get.

Luckily your body has gotten into such a routine that you can function on auto pilot while taking care of the responsibilities for the new day.

We all need a break to just sit down and relax without worrying about the next task on the agenda or the next thing that needs to be cleaned. 
Parenthood is the most admirable job a person can have but it is not all peek a boo and peaceful nights. There are only 24 hours in the day and with as much as you have on your plate it becomes common to ignore the cleaning we said we would do later and never got around to. The house is now even messier because our children have not mastered cleaning up after themselves yet (don’t worry, soon they will be able to help with chores).

It is our job to not only clean up the mess our spouse leaves behind but now our child as well (they never put this information in the mommy handbook). 

Now that we have new members in our household the in-laws and our parents are always wanting to come and spend some time with them. What time do you have to clean the house and take care of your toddler and infant whom are throwing food across the living room? (luckily, their cute face makes it impossible to stay mad). With only a week before the parents come in to visit, the headache has gotten much worse! (those Advil don’t seem to be helping like they should!) Chem Dry is here to help prepare your carpet for that short noticed visit.
Did you know that Chem Dry will also help clean more than just that food covered carpet? Chem Dry’s technicians can also take care of that high chair your baby ended up putting most of their carrot and peaches baby food on or that car seat they happened to have an accident in during the 5 minute car ride to the grocery store. 

Child logic: food belongs on furniture and not in our mouth

Chem Dry only uses 100% green certified products that are safe for your children and pets! We know that your family comes first and their safety is the most important things to you. Your babies furniture will dry within 1-2 hours so your little monster will be able to eat their next meal in their high chair with no worries of it still being damp! 
The next time you have a Chem Dry technician visit your home for a carpet, tile, or upholstery cleaning do not hesitate to ask them to clean your Childs most messy areas as well! Chem Dry is family oriented and we know how messy your little monsters can be and we want to help clean those messes and make your ever so busy days be a bit less stressful! Call Chem Dry today and set up an appointment for the next time your parents or in laws come over to see your children so your home is healthy and clean!

Thank You Chem-dry!

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