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Is The Moisturizer You’re Slathering on Your Face Regulated?

Is the moisturizer you’re slathering on your face regulated? Do you even know?

Lets say I woke up this morning and wanted to create a homemade batch of moisturizer. Lets say my friends loved it which then inspired me to make more and sell it online. I even used my super cool printer to make those awesome labels. Do you know that I could go ahead and start and there is no paperwork needed. I don’t even have to go through the rigorous FDA pre-market approval process.

Would you still want to use my homemade moisturizer?

How can there be no paperwork needed? It’s because cosmetics, which are monitored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have limited to no regulation that require companies of any size to comply with.

Now of course the FDA does require some labelling, but that means that some companies can easily avoid listing a product’s ingredients by claiming that by doing so would give away trade secrets. Further more, manufacturers don’t have to report health complaints to the FDA.

Now before I continue, lets me ask this again.

Would you want to use or even buy my homemade moisturizer?

Let me be honest, I know if I were in your shoes, I would probably be hesitant in buying to trying the moisturizer. Good news, I have a solution to your moisturizer needs that you can trust.


Rejuvenating Day Cream Soften and soothe skin while greatly increasing elasticity. A combination of omega-rich natural oils and vitamin-rich fruit extracts hydrates and brightens skin, while spilanthes acmella flower extract helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Rejuvenating Night Cream Lock in moisture as you sleep for skin that looks and feels smoother, firmer, and more hydrated by morning. Formulated with marine extracts and safflower oleosomes, the cream helps intensify the nightly cycle of natural skin repair.

Nourishing Day Cream Lock in moisture throughout the day with our lightweight yet hydrating face cream. Easily absorbed and never greasy, the unscented formula contains a mix of organic coconut oil, safflower oil, and aloe to provide nourishing hydration, plus antioxidant-rich acai to protect against dry skin.

Nourishing Night Cream A hydrating night cream that nourishes skin while you sleep. Organic coconut oil and aloe hydrate while geranium and green tea protect against dryness.

Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion Helps skin adapt to modern life by adjusting moisture and oxygenation levels throughout the day. Provides 24 hours of optimal hydration

Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream Creates a protective layer to shield skin from moisture loss, replenish hydration, and revitalize your complexion while you sleep.

I know these above are specific moisturizers for your face, but dont worry, I know the rest of your body needs moisturizing to. For the rest of you, check this out.

Countermatch Adaptive Body Moisturizer Experience 24-hour hydration and smoother, youthful-looking skin with this breakthrough body lotion. Rich, yet rapidly absorbing, it softens without a trace of stickiness.

If you don’t know which one would be right for you, let me know and I am happy to help get the right moisturizer and a moisturizer that shares with you all the ingredients.



FDA Cosmetic Regulations

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